Slack: Python script to count member’s messages

“Launched in 2014, Slack is the fastest growing business application in history. Millions of people around the world use Slack to bring their teams together, make sense of their work, and drive their business forward.”

I love using this ‘productivity tool’ and we do use @here quite often ūüėõ

Recently, one of my colleagues came to me with an idea to develop a script to count # of messages in a given list of slack channels on a given day.

This was quite interesting as we spend a lot of time in¬†Slack to get things done.¬† This script is a scale to measure¬†productivity and help him to analyze workloads across the shifts.¬† Soon enough, he’ll know how many folks required to effectively manage the shift. Of course, there are other critical metrics to rely upon.

I’ve used ‘slackclient‘ and wrote a script to count messages based on given channels, members and between the given dates. Additionally, redirected the output to MySQL DB. Wrote few queries, developed frontend in PHP / PChart to achieve E2E automation of messages counts.

Raw script output is in CSV format which can be imported to excel to play around with data using Pivot table etc…


2018-02-11 13_23_51-frm_slack_chart.php (1000√ó430)

If interested, please reach out to me to get these scripts.

Thanks for stopping by… Please leave your comments/suggestions below.

“Python makes us extremely productive, and makes maintaining a large and rapidly evolving codebase relatively simple” ~ Mark Shuttleworth

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