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Change windows password in nested RDP sessions

Even though the title looks simple, I had to spend close to 2 hours trying to change my account password in windows 2012 R2 server. I’m not admin so I can’t use the ‘net user’ command from CMD. Ctrl+Alt+End works for level 1 RDP but does not work for nested RDP sessions.
Thanks to Roy Malik who shared below steps to change password in nested RDP sessions.

1.       Click Start

2.       Type osk

3.       Hit enter

4.     Once the On screen Keyboard is open, hold ctrl+Alt on your physical keyboard, then click on the del key in the on screen keyboard.

5.       Minimize the on screen Keyboard

6.       Click Change a password.

7.       Close osk

Note: I tried pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del from osk but didn’t work.