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Browser’s cache: bane or boon

I recently went to a browsing center to take some prints where the docs were in my gmail account. I opened one of the best and latest version of a web browser to login to gmail. When I opened the page and typed first character of my account; there was already an user ID of the previous user starting with the same letter of my ID.

Problem was that he mistakenly typed user name and password on the user field [Power of tab key in security!!]. I literally hacked his account with the above MAGIC 🙂

Like a wise man 😛 I cleared the browser cache CTRL+SHIFT+DEL [and selected the option ” From the beginning…”]. I did report this to internet cafe guy and suggested him to use freely available tools like “icafe manager” etc.. to cleanup stuff as soon as user log out.

To my blog readers: Please be very careful with your credentials. Information is costlier than Gold and identity theft is a serious issue these days…