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VMAX3 Snapshot Aging Report

Data Storage cleanup/reclaim is similar to how we manage “kinds of stuff” in our homes. We think what to keep and not to after taking the holistic decision. Time & Value will decide what is to be discarded in near future…

An All-Flash Storage array (AFA’s) gives the best performance and greater value to the business. But every GB of All-Flash Storage is at least 3 times costlier than that of mechanical drives. It is critical to perform frequent clean up of these kinds of arrays to make sure that only the mission/business critical data and deserving information should reside on All-Flash array.

From the business perspective, the concerned team needs to do the regular drills to identify then inform IT Ops to discard stale or amassed data ASAP. This requires the team to do a logical distinction of information based on value or tasks, seek approvals from respective Business Unit Owners before proceeding to do clean up.


Cleanup of scattered .mp3’s files to a Music directory

messyI’ve close to thousands of mp3 files scattered across various directories and sub-directories. I wanted to listen to one of my favorite songs but could not find it for close to 2 hours. Later, I thought to switch to youtube and enjoyed to the tunes.

But this stuck to my mind and made me to cleanup my messy @Debian #Linux desktop. As you know there are thousands of file lying around whilst given the fact that I’m very lazy to manually move files. After #googling around multiple sites; was able to prepare a command which would suffice my requirement.

find / -iname “*.mp3” -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I ‘{}’ /usr/bin/rsync -avR –remove-source-files “{}” /home/vin/Music/Songs/


Now you know the trick… Simply replace “*.mp3” with your search criteria to better organize your stuff!