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Squirrelmail IMAP 111 : Connection refused

After I started using K-9 Mail on my Oneplus 2, I hardly accessed webmail service hosted on my #RaspberryPi. I wanted to send an urgent note but when I tried to login, got a error message as under.

Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost 111 : Connection refused

As usual, I googled for hours in between my office work 😛 but could not find out the solution. I started rewinding myself to recall the changes made to the Pi, then suddenly remembered that a change was made to /etc/hosts by replacing ‘localhost’ with my server name…

Alas! I ran squirrelmail-configure command and updated server settings which resolved the issue.

Now I realize change management plays an important role in any level be it organization or personal use since the task of managing change is not an easy one!!

Happy Pi-ing!!