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Compare entire excel files online!

Vlookup, Countif etc.. are things of the past to do comparison of tables, columns etc in excel..

Say hello to ‘Cloudy Excel‘ an online tool to compare entire excel files by few clicks. Neither we need an expertise in Vlookup nor knowledge in writing formula.

Upload both source file and altered file to the cloudy excel to see all the difference values between the spreadsheets,


Cleanup of scattered .mp3’s files to a Music directory

messyI’ve close to thousands of mp3 files scattered across various directories and sub-directories. I wanted to listen to one of my favorite songs but could not find it for close to 2 hours. Later, I thought to switch to youtube and enjoyed to the tunes.

But this stuck to my mind and made me to cleanup my messy @Debian #Linux desktop. As you know there are thousands of file lying around whilst given the fact that I’m very lazy to manually move files. After #googling around multiple sites; was able to prepare a command which would suffice my requirement.

find / -iname “*.mp3” -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I ‘{}’ /usr/bin/rsync -avR –remove-source-files “{}” /home/vin/Music/Songs/


Now you know the trick… Simply replace “*.mp3” with your search criteria to better organize your stuff!