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SAMBA shares monitoring


To monitor SAMBA shares at high level we can use following commands.

# net domain
Enter root’s password:

Enumerating domains:

Domain name          Server name of Browse Master
————-        —————————-
MSHOME               XXXXX-B4F69308
NAME                 SRVNAME
WFC                   PC-NAME


Samba version 4.1.17-Debian
PID     Username      Group         Machine

Service      pid     machine       Connected at

No locked files

#net status shares

Service      pid     machine       Connected at

#net status sessions

PID     Username      Group         Machine

VNX File – Script to check CAVA servers / services availability

CAVA  – Celerra Antivirus Agent is one of the critical services in VNX-File sharing services. This would help to scan all files before read / writes from and to the CIFS shares. CAVA integrate with AV software and enables file scanning. According to best practices we need to have minimum 2 CAVA servers for each VNX-File.

I’ve made a simple Perl script which would generate email alerts in case of CAVA services are down / not available to VNX-File.

Please click the below link to download Perl script


Note / Steps:

  • Ensure script host can reach VNX and CAVA servers
  • Please change IP address, username, password, sender email address, receiver email address and SMTP IP / or fully qualified domain name.
  • Ensure Perl and necessary modules are available to run the script
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