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IBM Storwize V7000 Snapshots Report

There was a requirement came to me to capture the snapshots details on an IBM Storwize V7000 storage. so, I wrote a simple PERL script to generate HTML report and send it to the stake holders and storage team via email. I’ve used the command ‘lsfcmap’ to list the snapshot details. Using PERL I’ve captured required output in desired order and format to suit our requirements.

Please find below report generated and sent over an email (split into two images for better readability)


Script Caveats:

  1. Can run the script via scheduler or On-Demand
  2. Sorted based on descending order to list the oldest snapshots on top of the list
  3. Old reports are archived for future reference or troubleshooting purposes

Please let me know if you need the script to replicate for your V7K’s.

VNX File – Script to check CAVA servers / services availability

CAVA  – Celerra Antivirus Agent is one of the critical services in VNX-File sharing services. This would help to scan all files before read / writes from and to the CIFS shares. CAVA integrate with AV software and enables file scanning. According to best practices we need to have minimum 2 CAVA servers for each VNX-File.

I’ve made a simple Perl script which would generate email alerts in case of CAVA services are down / not available to VNX-File.

Please click the below link to download Perl script


Note / Steps:

  • Ensure script host can reach VNX and CAVA servers
  • Please change IP address, username, password, sender email address, receiver email address and SMTP IP / or fully qualified domain name.
  • Ensure Perl and necessary modules are available to run the script
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