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EMC Isilon – Quick CLI help

I was trying to head start with Isilon CLI to automate some of the manual stuffs that we do on regular basis. Though I found the CLI guide from support site; I was not happy with explanations or syntax etc…

After googling for some time I found below sites are useful and provided list of important commands with crisp description. I got what I wanted to use in the script and saved time and energies!!




Many thanks to the respective authors of the above blogs. I hope it would be useful for others as well. 🙂

How to learn the basics of SAN from the internet?

I wonder how many times I tried to learn and acquire knowledge of storage area networking (SAN) from the internet…

Nowadays I find that its easy to Google it for the sites to fetch the cutting edge info on the SAN. I thought of making a list of websites from where we can get information on the SAN. Since I’m working as a SAN Admin (and I love to work on EMC products), I personally go through these websites to remember the basics and important stuffs in SAN!

SAN related websites:

  1. Clariion LUN allocation
  2. DMX Basic SymCLI
  3. SAN Switch’s CLI
  4. StorageNerve

Above are the sites which I refer, I’ll update the above list if I find an interesting site of this category.