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Create multiple user’s account on multiple Brocade SAN Switches

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog in which I discussed about “Deleting User accounts from Brocade SAN switches” as well as shared the script to do the same.

We wanted to automate onboard/off-board process which we follow when a new team member/s join or depart from the project. LDAP cannot be implemented in the Multi-Tenant environment and customer owned infra. So we targeted automation. Automation means scripting, scripting means PERL to me 🙂

Here is the Perl code which would login to all the switches listed in the “switches_ips.txt” file and create all the user accounts listed in the “users.txt” file. Output would be saved in file “Results.txt”.


Sample output:

Creating users on switch IP:
user1- Account user1 has been successfully added.
user2 – Account user2 has been successfully added.
user3 – Account kaanatar has been successfully added.
user4 – Account niravpat has been successfully added.

admin – Named account already exists

If a user account already exists then it wont create the account again.

Simple, isn’t it? Try it out and let me know if you need help on this…

I wish you all Happy Onam and Happy Varamahalaxmi festivals. God bless you all!