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MySQL PHP Generating reports in PDF format

In continuation to my previous blog on charting epoch time series MySQL data using PHP. I started exploring generating better reports from the DB.

Inspired by the EMC SRM (M&R)  storage capacity reports in PDF format, I thought of doing similar kind of reports “in-house” which should be simple yet standard to be shared with customers. I would like to thank Sapan Kumar from EMC who thought me so many things about EMC’s SRM (M&R) custom reporting features.

We have the data in  MySQL DB and wanted to use the PDF module in PHP to generate reports. But which module is suitable and easy to use?

After rigorous testing with FPDF and DOMPDF, I decided to use FPDF (not sure why :p) and it produced nice reports indeed!

Please find sample reports screenshot produced below for reference. You could see the capacity reports of VNX and VMAX storage arrays.


If interested, please reach out to me to get the PHP code. Thanks for stopping by… Please leave your comments / suggestions.

EMC VNX Drawbacks – Mapped pools for File

EMC VNX has a feature to have mapped pools for File which is a nothing but a direct association of Storage pools for Block. But the biggest drawback is that we can’t extend the pool from either volumes or disks. So the option of extend or shrink of pools will be disabled at VNX level.

Workaround: Never create a system default pools for File. Manually create user defined pools for File in VNX