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Access Brocade Webtools , Cisco GUI and VNX Unisphere from Linux

Both Brocade webtools, Cisco GUI and VNX Unisphere requires Java enabled browsers to manage and administer the SAN or storage devices. To enable java support on Linux, we need to install platform compatible JRE (Java Runtime environment).

Below command can be used to install JRE on Debian / Ubuntu like Linux systems.

aptitude install icedtea-plugin

After installation of above package along with its dependencies, we can access the respective Java based GUI tools from Debian / Ubuntu Linux. We can use respective package management software to install the same package on Redhat/ Fedora/ CentOS/Suse etc… This enables storage admin like me to use the respective management suite from my favorite OS.

Linux ROCKS!!!

2015-09-10 10_00_32- - Remote Desktop Connection